Tuesday 2 January 2007

Day 2 down, 363 to go

Another OK day - I managed to just eat mostly the "right stuff" again (hey, maybe I should write an eBook called the "The Right Stuff Diet"! - if so I'd better take the "before" shots for the cover before I get too trim, taut and terrific) and I got a bit of exercise cleaning the pool and shoveling some dirt from one side of the garden to the other. [We had bought a tonne of small river pebbles last year, and the plan is to put them between the path surrounding our pool and the back fence in place of the grass that is currently there. Hopefully the gravel will look a bit neater than the overgrown grass.] My weight is down to 98.6 kg - at the moment weight is dropping off me as if I'm on "The Biggest Loser". I know my weight won't keep dropping at this rate, but if I stick strictly to my diet plan it should average more than 1kg a week.

For the record, today was a fairly typical "diet" day, which comprised:
* 4 "weetbix" for breakfast, with 150ml skim milk and 150 lite soy milk, 4 tspn sugar and 4 tspn "aktavite" (a type of chocolate flavoured, vitamin enriched "sprinkles")
* a low-salt, lite ham and alfalfa sprout sandwich (on 2 slices of white, hyfibre bread)
* 1 navel orange
* 1 tin of chicken/veg soup and 4 slices of white, hyfibre bread (this isn't particularly healthy)
* 100g grapes
* 100g grilled, lean beef
* 50g grilled pumkin
* 100g boiled rice
* 3 "frosty fruit" ice-blocks (frozen fruit juice) (I should only have 1 of these as dessert each day, but it's still better than junk food or icecream)

Today wasn't a "no spend" day as I had to buy some groceries ($43.42) and top up the petrol ($14.97) to last until I go back to work next week. The petrol purchase wasn't too bad as the tank was still half full (not doing as much driving while on vacation at home), Tuesday is the day of the week where petrol price is cheapest around here, I had a 4c/L discount coupon from my shopping docket (which reduced the price to $1.109 per Litre), and I paid for it with the VISA "giftcard" that I'd got from my company as a "bonus".

I made some progress entering the current stock holdings for one of my margin accounts into Quicken (two more margin accounts to go), then my "Little Book" portfolio transactions for the past 7 months). That's the easy part. Going through the past 10-15 years worth of my broker and margin lender statements and my tax returns to fill in all the historical transaction data is not going to be fun. Luckily I still have an old copy of my Quicken files from '98 which had all my stock transactions up to that time entered correctly, so I'll just have to copy and enter them into the new version of Quicken, then work my way forward from '98 and check if the final stock holdings then reconcile. It's times like this that I hate DRPs, stock splits, takeover (especially cash/stock combos) etc. Another reason to only invest in 10-12 individual stocks, or, better yet, index funds).

DS1 visited my parents and they took him out to the cinema to see "Happy Feet". As Tuesday is the "half price" day at the cinemas here, the cost for two "seniors" and a child would have been reasonable. DW took DS1 and DS2 for a walk in the afternoon and collected some free wood chips for our garden beds from up the road (the local council had cut down a dead/dying tree last week and left a pile of wood chips on the side of the road. They usually come back after a week or so and clean up anything that's left).

One good thing with blogging is that I can write stuff that probably only I'm interested in ;)

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