Thursday 4 January 2007

Day 4 down, 361 to go

Ended up having to spend something today - $4.35 on petrol for the lawn mower (it ran out of gas half-way through mowing the lawn). Aside from that everything went according to plan - mowed lawn, cleaned gutters, shoveled four wheel barrow loads of earth from one side of the pool to the other (in preparation for putting down some gravel), and have a quick swim. DW has organised some of her digital photos taken this holiday season, so I'll burn them onto a CD tonight so she can take them to get printed tomorrow. She got a coupon for free digital photo printing from my dad (it came with the camera he bought).

It's the last day of my "at home" vacation tomorrow (back to work on Monday), so I'll have to try get the last of my stock portfolio data entered into Quicken and file away the big pile of paid bills and financial statements that's been building up for the past few months.

I'm wondering if I'll receive tax information for my US stock holdings and have to lodge a US tax return. So far I haven't sold any of my "little book" portfolio shares, but I did receive some dividends that had US foreign tax withheld. Not sure if I need to do a US tax return, or can just declare the dividends and claim the foreign tax credit on my Australian Tax return.

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