Monday 8 January 2007

Day 8 down, 357 to go

Fortunately yesterday's flat tyre was able to be patched, so it ended up only costing $30 (better than a new tyre, especially as this one was only a couple of months old). First day back at work was business as usual. At lunch time I went to the shops and withdrew $400 from my credit union account so that I could pay $397 into our Joint Account (to cover the interest for my "little book" US share portfolio for last month). Also spent $44.71 on groceries and $15.18 on petrol (the tank was still half full, but I had a 10c/L discount voucher which expires today, and the petrol price was near its weekly low).

I did manage to stick to my eating plan today, and did four "laps" of the four storey staircase near my workplace after lunch. By the end of the fourth ascent (304 steps in total, but who's counting?) my legs were getting a bit wobbly, and I realised just how little exercise I'd been getting since I stopped the daily paper round with DS1 last July. Hopefully I'll have recovered enough to manage at least two "laps" tomorrow, preferably four. Apparently climbing stairs has a "METS" rating of 8.0, compared to 3.5 for a brisk walk, so ten minutes of stair climbing a day should be equivalent to a 20 min walk. By the end of the week I should be able do ten "laps" a day in 15 minute sessions - maybe ;)

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