Friday 29 December 2006

PPP Acquires is a start-up focused on a Firefox Blog Editor, an Ad Network, and "Metrics" which provides statistics for Bloggers. To quote the Performancing blog from 15 Nov, Metrics is a "pro-grade blog analytics service. It currently has around 16,000 registered blogs using it, and though it's cool, it's not producing". PPP has acquired, Performancing Metrics and Performancing Exchange - in this deal (according to it does not include the Partners ad network, and does not include PFF, the free blog editor for firefox) it appears that PPP is mainly buying a "free" Metrics service that is losing money, presumably with the aim of getting a large chuck of the 16,000 bloggers using Metrics to sign-up to PPP. Having a larger blogger base should aid PPP to attract new advertisers. I can only hope that this strategy pays off, as PPP provides a nice income stream for my blog (in fact its the only signficant source of income - AdSense et al are really only worthwhile if you have a large readership). Lately the range of advertisers offering "opportunities" on PPP seems to have been diminishing - perhaps some have been scared off by the introduction of mandatory disclaimers. Also, many of the PPP advertisers are restricting their ads to blogs with high PR (which rules out blogger hosted bloggers) and requiring 200 rather than 50 word "spots" for their couple of bucks. We'll see how things develop in '07. At the moment their is a worrying increase in the number of diet, cosmetic and dating advertisers compared to those that would actually be of interest to my readers ie. financial resources.

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