Friday 29 December 2006

Goals '07

Well, my financial goals are pretty well set and my asset allocation implemented - what actual performance I end up with this year is in the lap of the gods. So, the goals I'll be concentrating on most at the start of '07 are:
* using Quicken to track my daily transactions in detail once again [like I did before I got married, had some kids and suddenly had no spare time;) ],
* get my share transaction records up to date in Quicken so my capital gains tax calculations will be less onerous in July. It may even let me do some propoer end of tax year planning and run some "what if" scenarios.
* stick to my healthy eating plan (aka "diet") and get a bit more exercise, so I can achieve my ideal BMI by the end of June...

Aside from that I'll be busy this year doing a subject for my Masters in IT in the first half of the year, and starting my studies for a Grad Dip Ed in Secondary Science education - that will keep me busy! In the second half of the year I'm taking a leave of absence from the MIT course, as I'll be flat out with the Grad Dip Ed subjects, plus I have to do a month of prac teaching (for which I'll have to take 4 weeks annual leave from my "real" job).

It will be interesting to see where things stand at the end of '07.

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