Friday 1 December 2006

Indebted and desperate

It's amazing what people will resort to when then are in debt and can see no way out. For example, the company Seasoned Trade Lines has a website detailing how people who have very bad credit ratings, or are even in bankruptcy can make use of established ("seasoned") verifiable credit card accounts with perfect payment histories dating back to 1976 to improve their credit rating by "up to 200 points".

While it is true that a few people may become bankrupt because "sometimes in life bad things happen to good people", you would think that most people who have to file for bankruptcy have gotten into trouble by abusing credit to enjoy an unsustainable lifestyle. I'm sure the number of people forced into bankruptcy running up debts to pay for life-saving medical treatment are in the minority, and probably not the target audience of companies such as Seasoned Trade Lines.

Making use of such a "credit repair service" (at a cost starting from $1,000!) so that when you're a bankrupt "our way of life should not have to suffer for
7 to 10 years because of it" is evidence of just how desperate people in dire financial straits can become. Often the easy way out becomes just too enticing.

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