Monday 31 December 2007

New Blog Monetization Opportunity - Pay Per Play

I'm moving away from sponsored posts (such as PayPerPost, REviewMe and so forth) to more scalable revenue streams such as AdSense. Although the revenue is minimal when you have low readership levels, it allows you to concentrate on writing the content you want, and will begin to generate revenue if you succeed in creating useful content that attracts a substantial readership. A new form of Internet advertising that guarantees that you will get a 100% conversion rate on 100% of your website traffic is now available - Pay Per Play. It differs from most Ad programs in that every visitor gets played the audio ad, so you should get some revenue from every visitor, not just those that click on an ad link (such as AdSense).

Although the audio ads won't start being "broadcast" until February, it would pay to join up via the link provided asap in order to have a chance to get some second and third level income from referrals (for that reason I'd appreciate it if you used my referral link to join up rather than direct to the site). The ads are supposed to be context-sensitive, so your readers should only get relevant ads, and no adult or offensive content.

Only time will tell if this program ends up being a major player like AdSense, or if it dies on the vine like Agloco, but it won't hurt to give it a go if you're at all interested in monetization of your blog. If you currently don't have any ads on your site, this is one program that would provide some revenue without displaying any ad content on your site, thus retaining a "clean" ad-free appearance. After all, if your readers don't like ads they will probably have their PC sound system set to "mute" and won't even know if you are using Pay Per Play on your website!

Update: There are a few anti-PPP posts around, and it's unclear if PPP has any real advertisers lined up yet. But that would fit in with their model of getting as many websites as possible to join up before the Feb 'go live' date. Apparently they are getting their "reach" independently measured during this pre-launch phase, and will use that info to sell to advertisers. For this reasons there aren't any ads being served by PPP until Feb, so no income being generated. Hence this isn't a sponsored post (although I hope to make some money from PPP if it eventually suceeds).

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