Monday 3 December 2007

Christmas Ching-a-Ling

As Christmas rapidly approaches the shoppers come out in force and are in the mood to spend. DS1 spends half an hour or so busking with his recorder at the nearby Shopping Plaza every Sunday after his piano lesson. Most weeks he makes $15 or $20 in half an hour, which he's keen to save in his bank account (He's only seven, so he doesn't have any expenses yet). Well, in the past couple of weeks his busking has earned around $40 in half and hour, and, today, he made $73 in 45 minutes (we stayed a bit longer than usual since the weather was very pleasant and DS1 was in the mood to play the Christmas Carols he had learned last month). It would be nice to have another couple of sessions like this before Christmas, but the weather in Sydney can get very hot this time of year, in which case busking isn't much fun - we'll go straight home for a swim in the pool after piano instead ;)

My mum was impressed by how much DS1 had made today, but my dad simply said "What sort of lesson does that teach him?". I guess he feels that if DS1 earns money too easily he may get an "easy come, easy go" attitude towards money. Personally, I think it's good for him to see that good money can be earned IF you're in the right job, at the right time and right place. Anyhow, he saves all the money he earns, and is quite interested in the process of banking the cash, and even takes some interest in my explanations of his superannuation fund, stock investments and tax returns.

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