Wednesday 5 December 2007

Blog Performance and Monetization Update: December 2007


Readership continued to increase slowly during November. Although my google pagerank suddenly decreased from 4 down to 2, and then to 0, my sitemeter stats show that I'm getting quite a lot of casual traffic from a variety of personal finance search terms. Fortunately some of these casual drop ins must like what they see as my feedburner subscriptions has increased from 57 to 70 this month.

My Technorati 'authority' increased from 115 to 126 and 'rank' has improved to 50,119.

My Alexa rank has dropped very slightly from 1,261,875 to 1,177,098 but there seems to be a problem with tracking recently as there are no figures for the past week. I'm not sure how reliable the Alexa figures are, as the report for my site doesn't include any "links in" data, and my site isn't registered in OPD/DMOZ yet.

Quantcast estimate of my readership is:
Global: 2,256 uniques (~visitors) per month
US: 1,222 uniques per month
My QuantCast rank has improved from 1,017,055 to 761,374

Depite no longer posting new content to the site and removing several months worth of recent posts that site still gets similar visits and pageviews as before. Not mirroring posts onto that site hasn't improved my google pagerank yet (some reports suggest that pagerank only gets recalculated every three months), so I'll just leave that site dormant from now on.


I didn't do any more PayPerPost sponsored posts this month as the reduction in pagerank to 0 meant that there are no relevant opportunities available! I also didn't get any more sponsors, although I had one enquiry.

AdBrite revenue from interstitial ads continued to be around 2c-3c per day, even though I had increased the estimated CPM rate so that AdSense ads get displayed instead of AdBrite most of the time. AdSense revenue was variable, on some days there were many clicks while on other days similar traffic wouldn't result in a single click.

Newsroom continued to accumulate revenue from display of their feeds, but the amount of revenue is negligible and there isn't much content that suits my blog. Newsroom currently pays out monthly by cheque once you hit $50 (which I won't reach for a long while), but will "soon" start making payments via PayPal.

Feedburner revenue continues to accrue very slowly from the ads that get attached to feeds of my post distributed via the IBN group.

Advertisers: USD $270.00 - - -
PayPerPost: USD $443.25 - - -
Blogsvertise: USD $124.50 - - -
SponsoredReviews: USD $ 16.25 - - -
ReviewMe: USD $ 60.00 - - -
AdSense: - - - USD $ 38.84 [$100 threshold]
AdBrite: - - USD $ 34.96* - [$100 threshold]
Newsroom: - - USD $ 1.04 - [$ 50 threshold]
Amazon: - - USD $ 2.71 - [$100 threshold + $15 fee applies]
Feedburner: USD $ 2.12 USD $ 3.05 - -
------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
TOTALS: USD $916.12 USD $ 3.05 USD $ 38.71 $USD $ 38.84
Grand total: USD $996.72

Increase for month $13.38

As the income from Feedburner and AdSense Ads is proportional to traffic (and click through rate) this monthly income should increase over time.


Around USD$51.23 pa. The income generated is now significantly more than the out-of-pocket costs of maintaining and promoting the site.

Annual domain name registration with Dotster USD$14.95, plus $10.00 for the redirection required to have my blog hosted by Blogspot but still use my domain name.

PFBlogs "Friends" fee: USD$2.00 per month.

Google AdWords: USD$0.76 for 4 clicks. Budget is set at max. $7.80 per month, but so far only getting around 1 click per month at $0.19 per click.

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