Monday 31 December 2007

AdSense Payments on Hold

When checking my AdSense account for this blog there was a new notice that "Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment." This seemed a bit odd as I've only earned around $20 from AdSense in November and December, and my total is still well below the $100 threshold I selected for receiving payment. I had read tales of bloggers having their AdSense account closed for click fraud, or other breaches of the AdSense rulebook, but my CTR seems normal, at around 0.50% of pageviews.

Drilling down into the details of the notification it turns out that AdSense is changing their security to require a PIN number be entered to "release payment". This is probably a good thing, but the printed PIN number card is "in the mail" and should arrive within the next three weeks. Since I don't expect the reach the payment threshold for at least another four months this won't be an issue, but it still would have been less of a surprise if the PIN number had arrived in the post BEFORE it came into force!

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