Sunday 12 August 2007

Put your Digital Camera to Good Use

I've previously posted how my digital camera saves me money by letting me indulge my hobby of photography at much lower cost due to the savings made by only printing the few snaps that you want in hardcopy. It's also a lot cheaper to email photos to your relatives that sending photos by mail!

But there are also many important uses for digital photography related to personal finance:
1. Make photographic records for insurance purposes.
* I've used my digital camera to record the state of our rental property before new tenants moved in, we took several photos of the storm damage that recently occured when a tree fell onto the roof of the property
* I've often read that it's important to take photos of your valuables so that you will know what to claim on your household contents insurance in case of theft. I've never got around to this due to the hassle and expense of developing and printing photographs, but I now have this on my "to do" list as it will be free and convenient using my digital camera.
* I took several snaps of my car where I sold it via an online ad. Same goes for any other items you have and wish to sell online.

All in all, digital cameras have become an important part of efficiently managing one's finances.

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