Saturday 18 August 2007

ISP Incentivation

Australian "high-speed" internet service is apparently pretty slow by first-world standards, and it also isn't particularly cheap. But there is some competition, which is probably why I recently received an offer for a year's free subscription to a lifestyle magazine if I maintained my cable internet with Optus for 12 months. I probably could get a cheaper service from some other company, but to be honest it wouldn't be worth the hassle of getting the installation changed. Therefore the free magazine was a nice bonus. It didn't actually save me any money as I wouldn't have paid to subscribe to the magazine, but DW enjoys it, so it has some value.

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mOOm said...

Yes it seems it is very expensive. Noone in the US charges for downloads and the unlimited download service with simialr to US speeds seems to be 2-3 times as expensive (at least in Canberra).