Monday 20 August 2007

Easy Money

The Aussie stock market was up around 4% today, which is a nice one day "paper profit". The cheque deposited into our SMSF still hasn't cleared, so we may have missed the chance to get in at the bottom of a short, sharp correction. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a 'dead cat bounce' and we get a chance to buy at new lows.

My ANZ CC application has already been approved - no additional paperwork required. A $15,000 credit limit was set, so I won't get the $25,000 balance transfer I asked for. The website stated that if you apply for a transfer of more than the credit limit that is approved, it will be scaled back to 95% of the limit. That means I'll get a 0% transfer of $14,250 which should earn me around $300 if interest over the six months, after deducted card fee etc.

The only hiccup with the card application was for the personalised graphic on the card. I got an email stating that the image file wasn't acceptable, and that I should resubmit within 5 business days after checking the image rules. I can't see why my device infringes any of ANZ's rules, so I rang their call centre to find out why it was rejected. The CSR couldn't help and told me to fax the customer service department. I suspect that someone in India probably mistook my heraldry for a company logo (which isn't allowed), but I'm not too optimistic that I'll end up getting a card with my arms on it. Worst case I'll just end up with an ordinary card and save the $15 fee.

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