Monday 26 March 2007

Studies I'd like to see

I'm always fascinated to read studies on income, wealth, savings patterns etc. for different countries and demographic groups. But there are some key variables that always seem to be missing from such studies:

1. Correlation of Net Worth and IQ
- yes I know that there are lots of studies showing that higher education leads to higher income, but the link to higher wealth isn't so strong. There are even indications that education isn't much help in getting rich - lots of self-made millionaires built up a business without a college degree. But, this doesn't mean that these people weren't intelligent. Forrest Gump not withstanding.

2. Correlation of Net Worth and religion.
- you'd think that some religions would be more compatible than others with accumulating wealth. And within a religious grouping you'd expect a correlation with how "strictly" religious someone is and their net worth. After all, you'd expect Christians that don't tithe 10% of their income to end up with greater net worth. But this relationship might be skewed by a small number of high net worth tele-evangelists! ;)

Then again, such studies would not be PC.

Enough Wealth

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Russell Earl Kelly said...

The rich preachers are rich because they con the poor ghetto church members into giving them 10% while the members remain in poverty. Sure there are exceptions, but most of the the poor who tithe treat it like a magic lottery where God is forced to work miracles and the money never comes without proper education and motivation which the preachers do not give. See my web site: Russell Earl Kelly