Monday 12 March 2007

Pay Per Post Mystery News

There's something mysterious in the works at PayPerPost (you know, the universe's most popular online advertising business) - a big announcement is due out in the next few weeks and I think I know what it is. Free shares in PPP at their IPO. Yes, you heard it here first - bloggers who "work" for PPP will get a stake in the company for all their hard work getting it off to such a great start... Well, I'd like to think thats going to be the "big announcement" - the last one of introducing opportunity requirements (so that the more lucrative posts were only available to blogs with loads of traffic) simply meant that there's almost nothing listed on PPP that I can post about these days ;) So, maybe the big news is that only blogs with a pagerank of 4+ can join, or perhaps you'll need an Alexa score of less than 1,000 to qualify for any opportunities.

Seriously though, I'd like the big news to be an upgrade of their server hardware - at the moment it can take ages to log in to my PPP account. I really can't understand why this would be so as they're aren't really all that many members as far as I can tell.

On the other hand, I can't complain too much about PPP - I've earned over USD$200 from them, safely paid in to my PayPal account and transferred out into my online savings account, so if nothing else they've help pay for my domain name registration and pfblogs "friend" fee for the next several years!

Enough Wealth

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