Tuesday 10 October 2006

US shares - "Little Book" Portfolio update: Oct 06

My "Little Book that Beats the Market" Portfolio has progressed nicely this past month, although the particular stock I added this month has had a rough start.

BOUGHT: 100 shares in AMERICAN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, INC. [ASEI] on 15 Sep @ $47.94 - total cost $4859.00 [AUD $6470.90] including $65 brokerage.

SOLD: No sale this month (portfolio is in accumulation phase - $5,000 purchase each month for 18 months)

When selecting which stock to buy I've been keeping clear of commodity (mining & oil) stocks as I think the "e" in their p/e rations may start declining within the next 18 months if commodity prices moderate as production increases meet demand.


I'm currently ahead by 5.62% ($1,204.90) after deducting $65 for selling costs per stock. After deducting approx. $236.52 for interest paid on the loan to date (this portfolio is 100% geared) my total return is currently $968.38.

nb. The average gain reported above is spurious as each stock has a different holding period. I'll start tracking net gain (capital gain + dividends - selling costs - interest) once I'm fully invested after 18 months.

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