Monday 1 April 2024

End of Week 7 of '90 day transformation challenge'

Maintained a good daily step count on most days, and tweaked my meals to include a bit more protein and reduced carbs slightly to keep the overall caloric deficit sufficient to continue losing weight.

My progress so far:

         Body Recomposition       Averages (per day)

Week#    Wt (kg)    Body Fat %    cals    g prot    % carbs    % fat    steps/day

1        -3.4       -1.1%         1,348     85      35%        39%      11,118

2        -1.0       -0.4%         1,378     92      39%        31%      12.126

3        -2.3       -0.8%         1,528    121      27%        26%      12,358

4        -0.1       -0.5%         2,223    122      41%        30%       6,459

5        +1.1       +0.4%         2,457    117      51%        29%       1,107

6        -3.1       -1.2%         1,856    114      50%        22%      10,550

7        -0.9       +0.2%         1,782    153      40%        28%      14,293

I did a reasonable amount of walking on all but two days last week (my average step count for the other five days was actually 16,001) but was a bit busy at work (due to the shortened week due to the Easter 'break' -- still had the same amount of work to get completed, but one less day to do it in) so ended up not going to the gym at all. I actually felt like going for some weight training, but ended up having to choose between  doing more walking to hit my step count daily target, or else go to the gym for weight training, due to the extra time in the evenings getting work tasks finished off. As my main focus is weight loss (I am doing to weight training to try and preserve as much lean mass as possible) I prioritized walking last week. I should be able to make it to the gym as planned next week, although I might suddenly have to spend some extra time on my PhD confirmation of candidature report and presentation (I did OK on my 'rehearsal' presentation last week, but have a few statistics areas to brush up on, and some additions to make to the report and powerpoint presentation. I don't know when the CoC presentation/meeting will be scheduled -- I could get an email invite from the HDR office at any time).

Although I lost weight last week my body fat% seemed to stay fairly constant. Although I didn't do weight training I think it is more likely just due to my scales not being particularly accurate for measuring body fat -- I've noticed that there can be a 1%-2% variation is you just get off and on again within a few minutes, so I only use the average weight and % fat taken over a 5-day period to estimate changes in lean mass.

I was hoping to be able to not lose any lean mass while reducing body fat, but the figures suggest that my weight loss is around 75% fat and slightly under 25% lean mass. However, changes in water retention can also affect the body fat readings, so I am not too concerned at this halfway point in the transformation challenge. I'll stick with my meal planning and walking, but want to ensure I do at least two full-body weight training sessions each week from now on. By the end of the 13-week challenge I hope to have lost around 20 kg of weight but only 4kg or less of lean mass.

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