Friday 5 April 2024

Bought a rowing machine

The gym I go to for weight training has stationary bikes, stair walkers and treadmills, but doesn't have any rowing machines. I quite like indoor rowing and would like to replace the elliptical machine I have sitting in my lounge room (that I never use). So I decided to buy a Joroto Water Rowing Machine after seeing it was relatively affordable ($600) and was available with a $100 discount and free shipping on Amazon. It has a nice oak finish, so will fit in quite nicely with the decor of the lounge room. And I'll be able to watch TV while rowing.

I was inspired by reading about Richard Morgan, who started rowing in his 70s and at age 93 was four times master world champion indoor male rower. I don't expect to set any records (although entering the Pan Pacific Masters Games being held at the Gold Coast in November this year would be fun), but it will be interesting to see how my 2,000m times compare with the relevant world records (male, <75kg class):

Age    <75kg    Open

60-64  6m24s   6m20s

65-69  6m46s   6m33s

70-74  6m55s   6m44s

75-79  7m24s   7m07s

80-84  7m40s   7m26s

85-90  8m13s   7m54s

DW has been asking me to sort out (throw out) a whole lot of old uni notes and miscellaneous electronic knick-knacks that are cluttering up my 'home office' as it encroaches into an area where she has an exercise mat and would like to rearrange the furniture there and make it into more of a 'sitting room' and exercise area. So I think I'll have to make sure I finish doing the clean-up this weekend and also ask DS1 if he wants a free elliptical machine (as long as he takes it away this weekend!) when he visits on Sunday. That way when the new rowing machine arrives in a week or two DW is less likely to complain about me having bought a new 'toy' to clutter up the house ;)

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