Monday 16 March 2020

Diet 2020 Wk 11 - week ending 15.MAR.2020

I didn't get back into 'diet mode' as I had planned - due to the Covid-19 situation and slowly increasing social distancing recommendations etc. I did one day of 'work from home' (the company was checking that everyone could work from home if/when they need to implement this) on Wednesday, so didn't go to the gym. On Friday I had planned to go to the gym (DS1 joins me as a 'guest' now that I've upgraded to 'platinum' membership), but in the end decided to avoid going to the gym as although it is deemed 'low risk' it seems to be an avoidable risk and not really an essential activity. And by Sunday afternoon the Australian government was recommending 'social distancing' on public transport etc. (i.e. stay 1.5 m apart), which makes the gym not really advisable (people are often within 1.5 m of each other) although the government seems to be in 'have your cake and eat it too' mode -- recommending strict social distancing, but then telling people it is still OK to go to gyms etc.

I also stayed home on the weekend, deciding to skip my final 'beginner' kendo class, and DS2's kids kendo classes had actually been cancelled. So I didn't go to the shops etc. on the weekend and my stepcount was very low (I should really go for walks around the neighbourhood, but this weekend it was raining quite a bit too). Aside from staying home and getting no exercise, I also overate on the weekend. Not sure if it is 'stress' due to the Covid-19 pandemic and associated market gyrations that caused me to eat 'comfort foods', or some weird so of 'end of the world, so why not indulge myself' mentality taking hold. Either way, time to get a grip and stop eating icecream and chocolates.... ;)

Overall, my macro averages for the week were abysmal, and the overeating had alrready started to show up on the bathroom scales as a slight (so far) increase in my weight. So I've gone back into 'strict' diet mode today and will avoid carbs as well, so I can get back into 'keto' dieting mode asap.

Calories:   3,824.5 kcals/day
Fibre:         16.7 g/day
Carbs:         39.2 % of cals
Fat:           44.0 % of cals
Protein:      140.1 g/day
Sodium:     4,085.3 mg/day
Weight:        86.8 kg
BMI:           28.3
Steps:      6,863   steps/day
Sleep:          6.1 hrs/night
Body Fat:      16.8 %
Gym sessions:   0

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