Monday 9 March 2020

Diet 2020 Wk 10 - week ending 08.MAR.2020

Had a bit of a disaster of a week, diet-wise. I ate some extra snack foods on Tues-Wed, and then instead of being 'strict' about my diet over the weekend (as I'd planned) I ended up eating a lot of junk foods, including quite a bit of chocolate and biscuits on Sunday (I had a total of 4,395 cals on Sunday!). My weight had been hovering around 85-86 kg all week (and for the past month), but it had gone up to 87.9 kg this morning (hopefully a lot of that is just fluid retention due to the bulk of food eaten yesterday)! My average daily cals for the week was only about 200 more than 'maintenance' so as long as yesterday was only a lone 'cheat day' it shouldn't have a ruinous impact on my overall weight loss progress. The main thing is to get back on track asap. It didn't help that I had only gone to the gym twice last week, and my average daily step count was also down a bit (due to not doing much walking on the weekend) - so my caloric requirement was probably also lower than normal for the past week.

So, today I skipped breakfast and will make an extra effort to stick to my strict low-cal/keto diet plan, and I'll then stick with my low cal/keto diet plan for the rest of March and April to try to get rid of the last 6-8 excess kilos I need to shed. I'll go to the gym for some weight training on the way home from work tonight , despite the rapidly increasing risk of corona virus exposure in Sydney these days! Keeping my hands away from my face during the gym session and doing a thorough hand wash at the end might help reduce the health risks - and it helps that the gym is less busy than usual these days (the shopping center was almost deserted when I went there on Saturday afternoon).

Averages for past week were:
Calories:   2,836.2 kcals/day
Fibre:          9.9 g/day
Carbs:         36.9 % of cals
Fat:           43.1 % of cals
Protein:      126.9 g/day
Sodium:     4,280.1 mg/day
Weight:        85.1 kg
BMI:           27.8
Steps:      8,174   steps/day
Sleep:          6.1 hrs/night
Body Fat:      16.9 %
Gym sessions:   2
WT Reps:      643
WT volume: 39,625   kg
Treadmill:    37:38 mins

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