Friday 2 May 2008

Review of Clickbooth publisher experience

I signed up as a publisher for the Clickbooth Advertising Network at the other night, and found the experience quite simple. The registration process takes several screens to get through, and involved a few novel, and some quirky, features compared to other affiliate program joining processes.

The first screen/step required the usual name, address, email and password information.

Second Step was the authentication stage, which I hadn't come across before. It required entering a phone number to receive a validation PIN. I'm not quite sure why this is required, the process was fast and simple. I just specified my country as Australia and entered my mobile phone number. As my phone ran out of charge during the incoming phone call (a few seconds after I'd entered the phone number online), the 15 second message went to my voicemail. Retrieving the PIN number and entering it online got me past the authentication stage without any hassle. One gold star for ease of use.

Step 3 was the entering of my website info. This stage was fairly standard, but the category selection list was very limited and skewed towards particular advertiser niches. There wasn't any financial planning or investing category, and the Financial categories listed weren't really relevant to me (Cash Advance, Credit & Credit Improvement, Debt, Mortgage) so I ended up choosing the generic 'Education' category.

A final niggling problem was the the registration form wouldn't accept as my URL, so I had to enter (which doesn't actually work due to some quirk of my Dotster domain name registration and redirection of the URL to my Blogger account hosting).

Once the registration details had all been completed, a notice popped up that the approval process would take up to 72 hours........

Two days later......

I got an email notifying me that my application had been approved, so I logged in the the site to browse for possible affiliate content. I decided to trial the VistaPrint ad, which I've added to my RH margin. There were several different 'creative' designs to choose from, so it was easy to find one that fitted the space I had in mind.

One additional step will be required if I earn enough to get a payment - a W8 form (for non-US affiliates).

I'll report on any earning from participation in the Clickbooth CPA Network / Affiliate Network in future monthly blog income posts.

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