Sunday 6 May 2007

New PC Looking Good

So far the new PC is going well. I got my cable modem working and registered the McAffey security suite that I'd bought with the system (15 month rego). I then had a go at installing the MarketMaker CFD trading software that we use for our forex trading. After downloading the installer .exe I tried running it - no go. However, having a background in chemical engineering as well as computers, I knew enough to try the "if it doesn't work give it a kick" approach - I simply ran the installer .exe a second time. Vista somehow recognised that the app needed to be run in "compatible" mode, and this time the installer ran OK. Then the fun began...

Unfortunately MarketMaker is written as a whole lot of java code, and every time you launch the app it first checks for updates, which it will install before allowing you to login (it also only loads additional modules as you use various features). Every time I tried running MarketMaker it simply stopped midway. After emailing CMC Markets help regarding any tricks getting their software to run under Vista, I browsed through their help FAQs and noticed the bit about having to configure any firewall to allow three programs to both send and receive data via the internet. (I remember this happened on my laptop - but in that case I was running Norton security, and in "learn" mode it automatically prompted me to flag these programs as "trusted" when they tried to transfer data via the internet). I managed to find where the relevant firewall settings were configured, but, MarketMaker still fails to run properly. I'll have to wait until Monday and see if I get a reply from the helpdesk - I may also have to phone them while I'm at the PC at home - hopefully they answer the helpdesk phone outside business hours!

Meanwhile the cable modem is back with the laptop. I'll shift it to the new PC again on Monday if the Belkin wireless router and USB adapater arrive on schedule during the day. If I get the wireless network working I can then leave the cable modem permanently connected to the desktop PC, and run MarketMaker on the laptop until I get it working under Vista.

Once I get the wireless network and MarketMaker app working I'll do a full system backup onto a DVD, so I can restore to this "basic" configuration. I usually dive straight in and start loading heaps of software onto a new PC, but this time I want to be more methodical about what I load on, and also take the time to sort out all my personal data files and copy them to the new PC in an organised structure.

The new PC/Vista will run dual screens, so I may hunt around for a very cheap, small LCD screen to add on - that way I can leave the forex trading window running on the second screen to keep an eye on our trades, while using the main screen for blogging etc.

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zacharyfruhling said...

I love the thrill of a new PC!