Thursday 10 May 2007

Adventures in Day Trading - 9

I haven't posted about my forex trading for a couple of days because I'm sitting on an open short position that is in the red. Having made several trades which I closed out once my losses exceeded my planned stop-loss of $100, only to see the price move in my favour shortly afterwards, I decided that I wouldn't close out my position this time. The theory being that while the AUD/USD was bouncing up and down within a trading range, a position opened somewhere near the middle of the trading range should eventually become profitable if I held on long enough.

Of course, having sold $50,000 AUD at 0.8244, after a run-up from previous lows around 0.8200, the AUD then rose slightly and, despite dropping slowly over the next few hours didn't drop enough to make it worthwhile closing out my position. I then decided to go to bed and see what had happened by morning. Of course the worst case scenario resulted - with the AUD appreciating strongly while I was asleep. Sticking to my new "plan" to just ride out this setback until the AUD dropped back down, I've now been watching the AUD hover around the 0.8280-0.8300 region for a couple of days.

My email box is getting full of margin call and liquidation warnings from CMC Markets every time my cash balance drops below the required 1% margin. But I'm not too fussed if they liquidate my position as I'll only lose $1,000 maximum (my initial account balance). And this would only happen if the AUD goes above 0.8360, which would be close to a 17-year high.

Meanwhile, my real investments are all doing nicely - my "Little Book" Portfolio of US stocks is doing quite well with the annualised ROI getting above 20%, even after deducting the exhorbitant buying and selling costs. My Aussie stock portfolio is also doing very well, with the local market hitting new all time highs, which is also boosting my retirement account. And my real estate is also moving up again, now that the Sydney housing market is starting to recover.

BTW - my sitemeter stats registered a huge spike today. All from a mention of one of my posts on The Simple Dollar"! I usually get around 50 visitors each day - so far I've already had 126 visitors in three hours!

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