Monday 21 May 2007

Movie Preview: The Bug

It's a bit hard to do a review of a movie you haven't seen yet, but the new bug movie from Lionsgate Films looks interesting. The two posters I've seen (shown below) are attractive, with the black and white one having a vaguely Hitchcock feel about, with a reasonably subtly visual reference to a bug in the portrait of Ashley Judd, who stars in the bug movie. I'm less enticed by the second poster image, as the double exposure human face looks more evocative of a ghost movie than a sci-fi/horror flick.

The movie trailer on YouTube suggests that this movie will be an eerie combination of the alien invasion, psychotic killer and plague movie genres. As a great fan of movies such as Alien, The Blob, and similar sci-fi horror movies I'm sure I'll enjoy watching this movie. However, I'll most likely take my usual option of waiting until the movie gets released onto DVD rental, and then buying an ex-rental DVD to watch at home and add to my collection. I'm not sure that DW will like the movie - although she quite enjoyed the remake of War of The Worlds, she only watches horror movies when I'm sitting close by (to be grabbed during the scary bits). It also doesn't look like the sort of movie that I'll let DS1 watch. He got through War of The Worlds without any problems (it seems that the vapourising of people was too detached from the everyday to be frightening for a six year old), but he gets scared and refuses to watch parts of Harry Potter movies. I definitely think this sort of atmospheric horror movie would be unsuitable for young kids (hence the R-rating), but I'm sure most teenagers would think its a hoot.

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