Saturday 5 May 2007

Adventures in Day Trading - 8

We missed out on the big slide in the Aussie dollar yesterday (it was caused by the RBA announcing that inflation was lower than expected last quarter and had a good chance of staying under control for the next 12-18 months). DW was out of the house during the day and by the time she got home and started trading the dollar had already dropped to around USD$0.8190. I did a $50K trade when it spiked up to 0.8212, and for a while it was looking good as the AUD slide back down to 0.8202 - I was holding on hoping it would go back down to previous intraday lows of around 0.8175 or so. However, it slowly began to climb back up, and I eventually closed out at 0.8208, making just USD$20 on the trade.

Enough Wealth

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