Monday 4 March 2024

End of Week 3 of '90 day transformation challenge'

My progress so far:

         Body Recomposition       Averages (per day)

Week#    Wt (kg)    Body Fat %    cals    g prot    % carbs    % fat    steps/day

1        -3.4       -1.1%         1,348     85      35%        39%      11,118

2        -1.0       -0.4%         1,378     92      39%        31%      12.126

3        -2.3       -0.8%         1,528    121      27%        26%      12,358

So after the usual rapid weight loss in the first week due to water loss with lower food bulk, the progress in week 2 was rather modest (and disappointing) given the extra exercise activity and caloric deficit. But in the third week my progress was more rapid with considerable weight reduction and commensurate reduction in body fat. I managed to increase my average daily protein intake to about what I think is required to support the amount of weight training being undertaken, without increasing total caloric intake too much. This shifted the macros balance so that a considerably lower percentage of the total calories is coming from carbs and fat.

I didn't quite hit 15K steps on any day last week, but managed to get in over 12,500 steps on three days. The overall average daily step count increased slightly, but I still need to focus on this a bit more. I did my three gym sessions and total weekly exercise volume increased from 39,175kg to 48,790kg.

I did a rough estimate in change in lean body mass using 5-day averages of weight and % body fat to calculate an estimate of 5-day average lean body mass. Plotted against the change in body weight it looks like I am doing a reasonable job so far at body recomposition (fat loss without lean mass loss). Hopefully I can get my weight down to around 100 kg by the end of the 13 week 'transformation challenge' while keeping my lean body mass around 74kg. This would mean a final body fat % of around 26%. Still a lot more than I ultimately would like to achieve (12%-15% body fat), but would be great progress over a 3-month period. I think the drop in estimated lean mass in the first week (from 75kg to about 74kg was likely due to reduction in retained water (which counts as 'lean mass'). Lean mass seems to have stabilized in weeks 2 and 3.

Body weight is on the LH scale and estimated lean mass is on the RH scale.

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