Monday 11 March 2024

End of Week 4 of '90 day transformation challenge'

My progress so far:

         Body Recomposition       Averages (per day)

Week#    Wt (kg)    Body Fat %    cals    g prot    % carbs    % fat    steps/day

1        -3.4       -1.1%         1,348     85      35%        39%      11,118

2        -1.0       -0.4%         1,378     92      39%        31%      12.126

3        -2.3       -0.8%         1,528    121      27%        26%      12,358

4        -0.1       -0.5%         2,223    122      41%        30%       6,459

Last week was a bit of a set back. After doing an intense workout session at the gym on the Sunday night, getting quite fatigued and sweating profusely during the 2.5 hr session, I had trouble sleeping and woke up around 5am. I felt quite unsteady walking to the bathroom and had a 'syncope' episode and collapsed. Fortunately I didn't hit my head on the bathtube or any sharp corners, but did bang my head a bit on the tiled floor. I had a bit of a headache the next day, and a sore neck for a couple of days. DW made an online booking to see a local GP the next day, and he did a quite check-up as I had been experiencing some vertigo at random times for the past couple of years.

He thinks the fainting was unrelated to the ongoing vertigo, and was probably just caused by dehydration and fatigue. He did order a full panel of blood tests, which all came back normal (including cholesterol and blood sugars), but my liver panel results were slightly above the normal range. So I'll have to get an ultrasound scan of my liver next week to check there is no issue with my liver. The vertigo is most likely just due to BPPV due to particles in the inner ear - most likely to RH ear as I had some damage due to an ear infection while on a scuba diving trip in my 30s, and have some hearing loss in that ear. If that is the cause simply doing the Epley maneuver might help address the issue.

Anyhow, as I wasn't feeling 100% last week I had a couple of 'refeed' days, got some extra sleep, and only had one light session at the gym during the week. I plan on getting back to my normal diet and walking routine this week, but will probably take things a bit easier during my gym sessions from now on.

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