Saturday 30 January 2021

Getting DS1 used to the costs of running a household

Now that DS1 has completed his uni studies and commenced his full time job as a software developer for an up-and-coming IT company, his salary is quite similar to mine. I'm not going to charge him any rent (or board/food) while he continues to live at home, but I've decided that from now on he will put 1/4 of the amount of each bill for local council rates, electricity and water bills into a bank account he no longer uses (but I can see the balance and transactions when I log into online banking). He intends saving up a deposit to be able to buy a house in a few years, so he'll be able to use that bank account as additional evidence of a good savings record (and he'll also be able to use the money in that account to help pay the deposit - so he isn't really paying us anything for room & board).

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