Sunday 10 January 2021

A few blog layout changes

I'm supposed to be sorting and filing away a backlog of financial paperwork this weekend, so instead I'm fiddling with my blog layout ;) 

I decided to put a blog roll back into my layout, but most of the PF blogs I used to follow seem to have gone inactive or have turned into generic cash-generating machines with lots of cookie-cutter content and monetization, so I've only added two links to the blog roll so far. I'll add more if and when I find something worth following...

I've also removed most of the monetization ads from this blog (Amazon books and google ads in the sidebar), as no-one ever buys anything via the Amazon links and my google Adsense has not been working properly for many years (even though my site traffic is reported to hover around 100-200 people per day according to the google blogger stats, google Analytics (and hence Adsense) reports that the site traffic is only 1/10th of that). So my google AdSense revenue has been averaging only 5 cents per month, and at that rate it would take forever for my current accumulated Adsense revenue (around $88) to grow enough to receive another cash payout (I think that would be at A$100). 

I still have Adsense turned on for automatic insertion between posts, but I don't think that actually works (at least I never see any ads between posts when I have a look at this site). Overall, its not worth worrying about monetization of a low traffic blog, so I decided to just clean up my layout a bit instead. It's a bit like the interest received on bank savings accounts - such a tiny amount that its not worth worrying about.

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