Monday 11 April 2016

Diet & Exercise update - Week 6

Another mediocre week where I didn't do enough exercise (walking) and ate way too much confectionery and snacks in the evenings (my basic diet was OK, it was just the 'extras' that ruined my plan). So my weight has started to creep back up again, so it's time (again) to try and 'stick' to my diet plan and go for a walk in the evening when I feel like just slouching in front of the TV eating snacks...

I did manage to play an hour of squash with DS2 on Sunday (although at our skill level its mostly walking to retrieve the ball and serve again, rather than running around for long rallies), which worked up a good sweat. My neck/shoulder pain seems to be getting slightly better, but is taking a long time to improve. I've added a daily glucosamine tablet to my daily vitamin supplements, so if the shoulder pain is arthritic it might help (xrays of my back and feet previously have shown signs of arthritis in my spine and feet - so it's not surprising to start experiencing arthritic pains as I get older, but its *really* annoying). A lifetime of steroidal creams and medications for my chronic eczema certainly won't have helped.

.             Fibre      Carbs    Fat     Protein    kCals     Wt       Steps
Week 1 (FMD)  25.7 g/dy  65.6%    22.2%   47.3 g/dy  1568 /dy  96.7 kg  8,511 /dy
Week 2 (STD)  31.3       62.4     17.8    129.3      2747      96.6     5,426
Week 3 (STD)  35.7       68.5     15.5    99.0       2616      97.0     4,857
Week 4 (STD)  37.5       68.3     16.3    121.9      3241      95.5     6,450
Week 5 (STD)  34.0       60.0     23.4    104.1      3011      96.2     4,036
Week 6 (STD)  36.6       70.6     14.1    115.4      3252      96.7     5,269

I still haven't started doing daily 5BX yet - another thing on my 'to do' list.

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