Friday 2 January 2009

Net Worth Update: December 2008

My net worth as at 31 December decreased by "only" -$10,773 (-1.61%) during the month to $659,775 (AUD). This month the decline was due to modest losses in both my geared equity investments (down by -$8,326 or -39.23% - the percentage figure is large due the the portfolio now being worth only fractionally more than the outstanding margin loan amount!) and another drop in the valuations of our real estate investments (down -$5,353 or -0.69%). The balance of my half of the mortgage was fairly constant, decreasing by $382 to -$367,926. The interest rate cuts over the past six months have had a significant impact on the interest being charged on the variable component of our home loans, and a few more rate cuts wil enable us to meet the monthly mortgage repayments without using our redraw facility.

The balance of my retirement account increased slightly this month, up by $3,288 (+1.36%) to $244,474, but this increase was mainly due to my monthly contribution of around $4,200 (SGL and salary sacrifice amounts) rather than investment performance.

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