Monday 5 January 2009

Blog Income 2008

Blog income for the year was around $760. The exact figure is hard to tell as there are accumulated amounts (with a minimum payout threshold) that haven't been paid out yet and may never materialise. Advertised revenue for clicks dropped off in Nov and Dec as shown in the attached chart, and monthly textlinkad sponsors had disappeared as well. I won't be bothering to track monthly income in 2009 as the amounts are too small to warrant the time spent gathering the data! If I'm lucky the income will be enough the cover domain name registration fees and monthly "friends" fee. I'll be tidying up my blog layout to remove expired sponsor links, and probably remove the adwords code (it doesn't generate much income, and seems to aggravate Google Adsense - reducing pagerank and limiting ads being displayed. As my blogging is clearly now a hobby rather than a potential alternatee source of income, I'll won't be spending time and effort trying to come up with regular articles when nothing of interest is happening. My spare time will be better spent keeping my Quicken accounts up to date and maybe finishing off the units for my financial planner course.

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