Monday 31 March 2008

Review of Artem Minayev

If you are looking for information to help choose a new credit card, then Artem Minayev's Credit Cards Club may be of interest. It provides about various types of credit card offers (such as business credit cards, 0%APR credit cards, balance transfer offers, low interest rate and No annual fee credit cards etc.) and also a "top credit card" selection of current offers that are available.

Another section of this site provides articles about how to choose a credit card, the basics of the dreaded "credit score", and even a history of the credit card page listing articles such as "A short history of MasterCard". This section would have been interesting, except that the articles appear to be blank placeholder pages!

Overall the layout of is attractive, uncluttered and easy to navigate. It provides some useful links to a selection of card offers, and the ability to sort offers (such as balance transfer credit cards by APR rate or into APR period) is very useful. It's unfortunate that a few sections of this site (CC history) appear to be incomplete, but there is still a vast amount of information about the various aspects of credit card selection and use available.

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