Sunday 19 September 2021

Diet week 5

My macronutrient daily averages for week 5 were:

fibre            15.6 g
fat              18.9 %
protein          85.8 g
sodium         2630.1 mg
energy         1978.9 kcals
carbohydrates    63.2 %

My average weight for week 5 was 107.6 kg, a slight increase of 0.3 kg. In theory I was consuming less than my basal metabolic requirement, so I should have lost a small amount of weight rather than putting weight on, but I had started a bit of body weight exercise and slightly more walking, so perhaps I lost fat and replaced it with lean mass instead. According to my bathroom scales my body fat % hasn't decreased, but I know from previously tracking data that the body fat % reading isn't very reliable or consistent. I do need to cut out having the occasional 'dessert' snack after dinner, as that should ensure I actually lose weight rather than just 'flat line'.

My average daily step count last week increased slightly (2,251 steps/day), as I went for a lunchtime walk four times last week. Need to add an evening walk to my routine as well. I also need to do 5BX every evening, rather than just doing a bit of resistance training whenever I 'feel like it'.

I also need to arrange for our pool pump to be fixed next week, so I can get the pool ready for 'swimming season' to commence.

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