Tuesday 7 September 2021

Diet week 3

My macronutrient averages for week 3 were:

fibre            16.1 g
carbohydrates    65.1 %
fat              18.1 %
protein          85.2 g
sodium         3480.7 mg
energy         2118.1 kcals

My average weight for week 3 was 108.0 kg, an increase of 0.2 kg. I had expected my rate of weight loss to slow as my metabolism adjusted to the reduced caloric intake, but due to consuming slightly more calories than planned, my average weight for week 3 was actually slightly higher than in week 2. Fortunately my weight started to decrease again by the end of week 3.

My average daily step count last week was also less than I had intended (averaging just 850 steps/day), probably due to the rainy weather. I'll have to make sure I do more regular walks from now on.

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