Sunday 1 January 2017

Diet & Exercise update - Week0 2017

I managed to avoid overeating too much during the xmas break, so I'm starting 2017 about 10 kg lighter than at the start of 2016 (but about 10 kg more than where I got to mid-way through the year). My best weight was achieved around the time we went skiing and I did the City2Surf last August, but since then I've been very slack about sticking to my diet plan, and the weight has slowly been creeping up again. So far in 2017 I haven't eaten any junk food - so the trick will be to continue that throughout 2017 (and the rest of my life)!

We drove up to the lake house on Christmas Day, and spent a few days relaxing with my parents. The boys there with my parents for a couple more weeks, while DW and I go back to work on Tuesday. We'll drive up again next weekend, and then we'll collect the boys the following weekend and bring them back to Sydney.

I didn't do any target shooting practice or much walking while at the farm - it was too hot to go for long walks in the day, and there were a few too many mosquitos about for a pleasant evening stroll. But I did chop down some lantana and I spent a couple of hours on the tractor slashing one of the paddocks. We also did some gold fossicking in a local state forest (didn't find any gold in the samples of dirt we collected), so at least I got a bit of exercise while at the farm.

As today is the first of Jan I'll make sure I reach my daily step-count goal of 10,000+ steps/day, and also make sure I do my daily 5BX and do some SCATT air pistol training before midnight.

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