Tuesday 22 March 2016

Diet & Exercise update - Week 3

Not a very good week. Had to take a couple of days of sick leave off work, and didn't manage to reach my 10,000 daily step count on ANY day, or to do any of my planned 5BX exercise sessions. I only stuck to my diet plan on two days during the week, and I even exceeded my maintenance calories intake on a couple of days! Which explains the slight increase in average weight for the week. On a positive note I still played squash despite not feeling 100%.

Goals for this week are therefore to stick to my planned diet, walk 10,000+ steps/day, and start doing my 5BX exercises regularly. There's no squash this week as the gym will be closed on Easter Sunday.

.             Fibre      Carbs    Fat     Protein    kCals     Wt       Steps
Week 1 (FMD)  25.7 g/dy  65.6%    22.2%   47.3 g/dy  1568 /dy  96.7 kg  8,511 /dy
Week 2 (STD)  31.3       62.4     17.8    129.3      2747      96.6     5,426
Week 3 (STD)  35.7       68.5     15.5    99.0       2616      97.0     4,857

 I've noted whether each week was my 'standard' diet plan (STD), or contained five days of Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

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Anonymous said...

Get a bicycle with a trainer? Go for rides when the weather is nice or get on the trainer in front of the TV when it's not. Works for an old guy like me - low intensity, cheap and burns through calories. Squash was tough on the joints..

enoughwealth@yahoo.com said...

I have a bike but never use it due to the combination of hilly terrain and busy roads. And the cycling action can aggravate an old knee problem I got while hiking the Milford Track.

The version of squash I play with the boys (only hitting the ball when its on your side of the court) makes it 'low impact', so I haven't had any joint problems with it yet. (It is certainly less punishing than the adult Judo classes were!).

I guess the trick is is to do whatever activities you enjoy the most, as the main thing is to 'want' to do the activity regularly. I found attending a gym and doing circuit training was too much of chore - I was dreading 'having' to go, and looking for excuses to skip a session. With squash (so far) I am looking forward to my weekly session with the boys.

I recently bought a Kayak and plan on using it during the school holidays (when I'm not spending most of the weekend daylight hours driving the boys to their activities).