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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tiger Woods to be skinned alive

The latest rumour circulating about Tiger Woods infidelities is that his wife has had enough and decided to get a divorce. I suspect that while she may have known about (and tolerated) one or two 'flings', she isn't prepared to put up with a guy who has racked up more than a dozen affairs at a rate of more than two for each year of marriage. Apparently Elin Nordegren has a generous pre-nuptial agreement that would probably she her getting around $300 million in a divorce settlement, plus custody of the children and child support. That would make it the most expensive celebrity divorce to date - far exceeding the previous record Michael Jordan holds with his wife, Juanita, receiving an estimated $150 million settlement. In third place would then be Greg Norman with his $128 million payout to his wife of three decades, Laura Andrassy.

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