Friday 9 November 2007

Creating Wealth in Australia

The latest figures on creating wealth in Australia were reported in the SMH today. It shows that the average Australian houselhold now has a net worth over half a million dollars ($563,000), having increased by 14% over the past two years.

Some other interesting factoids:

  • the average amount of debt carried is $92,000
  • the average value of all assets is $655,000
  • low-wealth households (disposable income below $445 per week) had their net worth increase by only 5% during the past 2 years, to $24,505
  • high-wealth households (disposable income above $908 per week) had their net worth increase by 11% to $1,160,000
  • only 75% of households had superannuation assets, with an average value of $111,000
  • 69% of Australians own or are paying off their own home, which has an average value of $412,500
  • nearly 20% of households owned a second property

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