Monday, 12 February 2007

Blog Monetization: Review My Post

Well, I got very confused. According to the "opportunity" on PayPerPost, there is a new PPP Affiliate program the builds traffic and links called "Review My Post". Unfortunately when I followed the instructions provided (ie. clicking on the relevant link in the blogger interface and then finding and selecting "review my post" to get details of the opportunity.) I couldn't for the life of me find anything in the blogger dashboard that looked like "Affiliate Tools". I even checked the help page in blogger and did a search on the terms "Affiliate Tools" and "Review My Posts". So, for an exciting new program that is supposed to build traffic it had gotten off to a rocky start.

It was only after wasting time searching my blogger account screens for a while that I went back to the PPP screen and noticed that there is a "Affiliate Tools" link sitting right there! D'Oh!

PPP call their interface the "Blogger Dashboard" - it goes to show how confusing it is having a google blogging service being called "blogger" at the same time other people use the term "blogger" in it's more generic sense.

Anyhow.... I eventually found the "Affiliate Tools" and followed the link to the "Review My Post" section. Apparently the way this will work is that by including a special link at the end of a post (the blurb says *EVERY* posts - but I assume putting this link at the end of each and every post is not actually a condition of this new process working) - if someone clicks on this link and joins PPP I'll get a referral fee. The new twist is that the new member will then also get a "personalised" opportunity to make a paid post ($7.50) about one of my posts - which should give me the added bonus of getting an extra link, and the new member an easy $7.50.

I'll start adding the new html link to my posts (see below) and see if it does anything spectacular... I'll let you know how it works out.

ps. I'm reasonably happy with PPP so far - I've been only doing around 1 PPP post per week as I only select opportunities that are relevant to this blog's theme. Plus there are getting to be more restrictions by advertisers around page rank of blogs that can do paid posts. Yet I've still managed to get paid nearly $200 so far, which covers off my hosting and pfblogs gold membership fee. It is also a lot more than I've generated via Amazon affiliate links or Blog Ads.

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Rian Ahmad said...

I still confuse about how to review someone post.

Would you please explain it to me..