Monday 6 May 2024

End of Week 12 of '90 day transformation challenge'

Week 12 results: Weight Change during week: -2.0 kg

Avg Weight: 102.4 kg

Avg Body fat %: 31.0%

Avg BMI: 33.0

Avg daily cals: 1,569

Avg daily steps: 20,693

Avg caloric deficit/day: -1,219

Avg g protein/day: 164

Avg % cals from carbs: 28%

Avg % cals from fat: 28%

Only one week left in the '90 day transformation challenge'. My morning weight was 101.7 kg yesterday, with a body fat reading of 30.5%, so I should end this week close to 100kg and hopefully get under 30% body fat.

I've adjusted my daily meal plan slightly to be in line with the long term CRON-style food intake, with a bit higher protein content and total calories. Overall macros will be 190-210 g/day protein (~50% of calories), 130-135 g/day carbs (~33% of calories), and 30-35 g/day fats (~17% of calories) for a total of  around 1,650 - 1,800 cals/day. This would be about 20% CR compared to BMR if I continue to do daily walking and 3 sessions of weight training per week ongoing.

I expect my rate of weight loss will slowly diminish during the rest of the year, as reduced weight will decrease maintenance calorie requirement, and my metabolism will likely slow as body fat % reduces. I'm hoping to 'glide path' down to stabilize around 80kg weight with around 15% body fat by the end of the year, and then during 2025 should very gradually reduce body fat while retaining lean muscle mass, so the body fat % might slowly reduce to around 13%. I'm sure I'll need to tweak my diet and exercise regime somewhat in 2025.

From now on I'll just do a quarterly update on how well I've been sticking to my diet and exercise plan, and how things are progressing.

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