Thursday 9 November 2023

12% solution 'superhero' portfolio and 'moomoo' trading account - end OCT 2023 update

The "12% solution"" recommendation email from David Alan Carter for the end of October remained at 60% SHY (or cash) + 40% JNK (or SHY or cash). So I left the 12% solution part of my superhero trading account sitting in cash this month.

My Moomoo trading account ended the month close to where it started, which was fairly good relative to the benchmark. Total number of trades to date is 13 with a 46% Win:loss ratio, which is about what I was hoping to achieve. Unfortunately, although three of the trades in October were closed within 0.05% of the set target price, one position was closed out at the market open when the price had gapped down below the stop-loss price target. So I lost -$65.52 on that trade vs. my target stop-loss would have limited the loss on a single trade to -$50. Overall my average gain on winning trades so far has been $81.48 (vs. target of $100 gain on winning trades), and the average loss of losing trades has been -$71.16 (vs/ target of -$50 loss limit on losing trades). I will try to close out positions closer to planned target prices in future trades..

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