Monday 2 October 2023

Net Worth - SEP 2023

Chart updated to end of September in sidebar.

Stocks/cash increased $784 (+0.37%) to $211,211. This was unexpected given the generally terrible month for the stack markets (Dow Jones down -3.27%, S&P 500 down -4.64%, All Ords down -3.86%). So I can only attribute this to my brilliant trading/stock picking (or sheer dumb luck).

Retirement savings (SMSF etc) decreased by -$66,709 (-4.20%) to $1,522,844 in line with the market trend and our asset allocation. We have about $77K sitting in cash (ANZ V2 savings account), so we might add this to our investment in Vanguard High Growth Fund once the transition from retail fund to online ETF investment is completed later in October.

Est. of Home valuation (my half) increased by $6,374 (0.61%) to $1,054,479. 'Other real estate' (my 'lake house' and the investment apartment) also increased over the past month by $17,854 (0.87%) to $2,078,388.

The outstanding balance of the investment property mortgage remains at $999.993 during the 'interest only' period of the mortgage. I have about $131K sitting in the loan offset account (which is included in the stocks/cash figure), which helps reduce the monthly interest charged.

Other assets (my online depository bullion account at  Perth Mint, and the bullion value of my gold and silver proof coin collection) decreased by -$1,641 (-4.43%) to $35,426.

Overall, NW decreased by -$43,338 (-1.10%) to $3,902,355 during September. Looks like I won't become a quadrillionaire this year.

The tenants of my investment apartment paid 4 weeks rent during September, but as a lump sum at the end of the month (in arrears), rather than weekly in advance (as required by their lease agreement). So the managing agent lodged the NCAT lease termination application with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

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