Thursday 13 July 2023

Updated Supehero 'fun' trading account to include 'The 12% solution' monthly trades

I decided to transfer A$1,000 into my superhero trading app and convert it and some residual A$ cash balance into USD. A$1,009.79 ended up being US$666.19 after conversion, so I had US$666.83 available to trade (I also has some residual USD cash sitting in my account). I used this to purchase the '12% solution' position recommended in David Alan Carter's 1 July email.: 60% QQQ and 40% JNK.

I ended up purchasing 1.074449 QQQ for US$400 and 2.88576 JNK for $266.00 with a 'market' order overnight. I will buy and/or sell the required positions at the start of each month per the '12% solution' recommendations and we will see how it performs over the next few years. At least trading the required US stocks using Superhero will not incur brokerage each month, which was the reason I gave up my previous attempt to track the '12% solution' portfolio previously (trading costs were making the small positions unviable).

Currently my overall Superhero App Portfolio is:

code              value             units                         daily change   overall change

USD        $  0.83

QQQ                   1.07449 units    +1.26%

JNK                   2.88576 units    +0.92%

CORN                  5.0124  units    -3.19%

WEAT                 14.75716 units    -3.52%

ITA                   3.17325 units    -0.63%

Overall USD holdings $246.92                          -0.32%

AUD       $  0.00

RBTZ                  19.0000 units    +0.00%

Overall AUD holdings $1,242.69                        +3.34%

For NW estimate I will just track the value in AUD and USD at the end of each month and use google to get an approximate AUD value for the USD holdings (unfortunately Superhero only provides exact FX conversion values (including FX fee) when you have some AUD or USD cash in the account to convert (min $100 amount).

The USD holdings CORN, WEAT and ITA are intended to be 'long term' (I expect them to rise more than inflation over the medium to long term) while the '12% solution' portfolio holdings will be traded each month as required. The AUD holding in RBTZ is also intended to be a long term play.

It will be interesting to see how this portfolio performs over the next 5-10 years, although whatever the 'performance' is, the trivial amount at risk will make the end result immaterial from my NW POV.

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