Friday 2 September 2022

Net Worth: AUG 2022

My monthly NW estimate has been updated in NetWorthShare for the end of August. Chart is in the side-bar.

Stocks and managed fund investments value was flat over the month - rising during the month but then selling off sharply during the past week due to hawkish comments by the US Fed chairman regarding inflation and interest rate rises. My 'Stocks' figure was only down $476 (-0.18%) to $267,365 net equity. This month I moved the value of my Perth Mint online depository bullion holdings from 'Stocks' into 'Other Assets' (which previously just included my gold and silver proof coin collection valued at bullion valuation), and I also added in the value of my art investment via Masterworks into the 'Other Assets' category.

Our estimated house price for August (my half) was flat at $1,166,000 due to there being no reported change in median house sales prices in our suburb.

The value of my retirement savings dropped slightly to $1,396,713 (down -$8,352 or -0.59%) by the end of August.

Overall, my estimated NW decreased slightly to $3,170,251 over the past month - down by $4,749 (-0.15%). 

'Other real estate' includes my off-the-plan investment apartment and my hobby farm at 'cost'. Other mortgages includes the amount that will be due on settlement for my off-the-plan apartment in late 2022. If I was tracking the estimated market value of my lake house/hobby farm and the likely increase in the value of my off-the-plan apartment since I paid the deposit, my NW would have improved slightly overall (by around +$4,500) during August (rural NSW property prices lag Sydney, and are still rising slightly). Any rise of drop in estimated NW of less than $10K is probably well within the 'error bars' due to the uncertainty associated with valuation of assets such as real estate, art work, coin collections etc. Including an estimated price increase for the off-the-plan investment unit and hobby farm would add around $709,851 to my posted NW figure. Including DWs assets and liabilities would add around $1,385,589 net to household NW, so if I was tracking total household NW it would currently be around A$5.266MM.

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