Friday 1 April 2022

Net Worth: Mar 2022

My monthly NW estimate has been updated in NetWorthShare for the end of March. Chart is in the side-bar.

Stocks and managed fund investments increased strongly during this past month, despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine (and likely impact on global economy due to sanctions, impacts on wheat, fertilizer and oil exports from the region) up $5,964 (2.01%) to have $302,624 net equity in my geared share portfolios. I bought some oil (OOO.AX) and Global Agribusiness (FOOD.AX) ETFs within my Comsec Margin Loan account, as the war is likely to push up prices of oil and food during the coming months and year or two. At least in theory.

Our estimated house price for March (my half) rose $2,591 (0.22%) to $1,166,000. Prices have stopped rising in Sydney and our suburb had minimal price appreciation during the month.

The value of my retirement savings increased during March to $1,488,578 (up $38,550 or +2.66%) due to strong local and US stock markets during March. Overall, my estimated NW increased to $3,292,578 by the end of March - up by $46,931 (+1.45%).

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