Tuesday 4 January 2022

Net Worth: DEC 2021

My monthly NW estimate has been updated in NetWorthShare for the end of December. Chart is in the side-bar.

Stocks and managed fund investments increased during this past month, up $9,454 (3.07%) to have $317,878 net equity in my geared share portfolios.

Our estimated house price for November (my half) was unchanged at $1,116,769 - it appears that the websource (realestate.com.au) where I get the monthly average sales price data our suburb each month has not been updated (despite a footnote stating that the figures were last updated on 6 Dec). So our house price estimate might be slightly understated (although the real estate 'boom' does appear to be rapidly slowing in Sydney).

The value of my retirement savings increased during December to $1,544,793 (up $31,298 or 2.07%).

Overall, my estimated NW increased to $3,313,383 by the end of December - up by $41,312 (1.26%).

2021 closed with a healthy overall increase in my NW of $585,257 (+21.4%) due to the booming stock and real estate markets. As a long term, high risk tolerance investor I will stick to our long term asset allocations, although I suspect that the real estate market could end 2022 at or below current levels, and the stock market could very possibly see a moderate to severe 'correction' during 2022 (there seem to be a growing list of potential negatives - rising inflation, China economic slowdown and property bubble likely to burst, Europe/Russia tensions over Ukraine, US/China tensions over trade, Taiwan  and militarization of South China Sea and rapid growth of Chinese ICBM, aircraft carrier and sub numbers, etc.). The only thing supporting the stock market valuations appears to be the low interest rate environment, so any rise in interest rates to fight inflation could see a dip in the markets. We'll see how 2022 unfolds.

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