Friday 1 October 2021

End of SEP 2021 "12% solution" portfolio changes

For the end of September the emailed trading signal is to invest 60% in QQQ and 40% in TLT. As this is the same allocation as last month, I don't need to do any trades this month, which will help reduce trading costs.

My current IG trading account balance is A$12,613.65. In addition to the "12% solution" holdings I have A$489.00 invested in the ASIA (Betashares Asia Technology Tigers) ETF which results in my IG account not tracking perfectly the "12% solution" benchmark.

According to the monthly newsletter, the 2020 performance for this model was +40.6% and for 2021 YTD performance is now +15.1%. My YTD performance is 14.48%.

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