Monday 2 August 2021

Net Worth: JUL 2021

My monthly NW estimate has been updated in NetWorthShare for the end of July. Chart is in the side-bar.

Stocks and managed fund investments decreased slightly this month, down -$32,464 (-9.21%) to have $319,930 net equity in my geared share portfolios. But this figure includes a withdrawal of $30K from my home equity 'portfolio' loan that I used to make an non-concessional (un-deducted or 'after tax') contribution of $30K into my SMSF (we needed some extra money in the SMSF cash account to fund DW's annual pension withdrawal of $25K and the annual tax assessment liability for FY 2020, and I chose to make a NCC rather than sell off some of the Vanguard High Growth investment held by our SMSF).

Our estimated house price for July (my half) increased by $18,137 (1.91%) to $968,039. The Sydney housing market (especially houses) continues to trend up, although the rate of increase has somewhat slowed, and will probably reduce further with the whole of Sydney currently being in 'lock down' to fight an outbreak of the Delta strain of Covid-19.

The value of my retirement savings rose during July, to $1,484,832 (up $30,345 or 2.09%). But as stated above, most of this increase is due to the $30K non-concessional contribution.

The value of my precious metals increased slightly during July, to $24,511 (up $1,054 or +4.49%).

Overall, my estimated NW reached $3,096,549 by the end of July - up by a relatively modest $17,346 (0.56%).

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