Monday 26 July 2021

Perth Mint Online will be offline next weekend

My monthly automatic transfer of funds into my PMO cash account was processed on the 15th, and my savings plan standing order to buy gold and silver at the start of each month would normally be filled at close of business on the first business day of the month (2nd August for the coming transaction). If there is an outage (unscheduled or for planner maintenance) the T&Cs state that "Any order/orders will be filled by us at the first available opportunity and you accept full responsibility for any losses or damage".

There is a scheduled maintenance to The Perth Mint Depository Online (DOL) platform and Perth Mint websites that will run from 5.00pm AWST (GMT+8) Friday 30 July until 8am Monday 2 August 2021. So my automatic investment *should* happen as normal on Monday afternoon. I'm not too fussed if the transaction does get delayed, as the price could move either up or down, so on average any delay in processing my regular bullion purchases should not make any significant difference.

They'll probably be some conspiracy theorists that decide this is all part of some grand plot to limit sales of physical bullion and/or cover up a shortage of physical metal and/or manipulate the price. ;)

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